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We at VIP Cinematic studios are a team of highly experienced Wedding photography in karur wedding photographers in karur and Wedding Videographers Specialized in Wedding Photography, Exclusive Karur Wedding Photography and Canid Wedding Videography. We aim to create a visual dairy of love, laughter and emotions. We love the whole transformation of how two people transcend to become soul mates. As one of the Leading and the best wedding photographers in Karur and Best Wedding Videographers in Karur, Within our intimate 20+ member team, each creative artist is able to work efficiently to be able to produce profound memorable portraits, as desired by our clients.

The biggest day of your life deserves to be captured by the most talented ones. Find the list of wedding photographers in Karur. Both premium and budget photographers are listed in all categories including traditional, candid, drone & pre-wedding photography. Browse through their photos and reviews and contact them directly or simply request for a callback from us

Wedding Photographers in Karur

Services offered in Wedding Photography

Candid Photography - Candid shots are more spontaneous and less posey. While shots can be planned, they tend to capture the people and emotions in much more realistic way. Such shots require more skill, experience, planning, technical skills and thus, are hard to shoot. As a result, it tends to cost a tad bit more.

Traditional Photography - These shots are generally staged (posey) and mostly taken when the photographer says, 'look here, smile please', also they costs less. The idea here is to document/capture a large part of wedding. Moreover, this ensures that no moment or person is missed.

Cinematic Videography - The idea is similar to candid photography. A good videography captures the wedding, it's star cast (you and important people around you) and surrounding emotions in 20-40 minute video. Some of the work looks better than Bollywood movies with great cinematography, setup, editing, music, story (not sure about that in Bollywood :-P). They require specific equipments (cameras & drones) and technical knowhow which makes it costlier.

Traditional Videography - This is one of the oldest styles that we would have seen in our parent's wedding videos too. The entire wedding function is filmed for at least 2-3 hours. This is documenting a large part of wedding in a video form.

Pre-wedding photoshoot & video shoot - Pre-wedding shoot which was rather a western concept earlier has now become tremendously popular in Karur. It is a shoot that usually takes place 6 - 8 months before wedding and includes shots of couple that exudes love and romance.

Delivery of photos, videos & albums

The photographer will initially send the RAW footage and photographs to you. You are then suppose to shortlist pictures according to your preference. The photographer shall then edit and compile from the pictures you’ve chosen and convert them into final deliverables in hard (albums) and soft copies (hard disk or USB).

Payment for wedding photography services

The payment for the wedding photography service depends on the policy of photographers. The mode of payment, whether online or in cash, too varies from photographer to photographer. In most of the scenarios, the photographer will charge at least 50% of payment in advance and the remaining after the deliverables of photos, videos & albums or whatever is included in your package. The nature of payment remains dynamic and it is advised to talk about it beforehand with your chosen photographer.

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