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Revanth kumar

Revanthkumar, or VIP as most of his photographer friends call him, is a Vip cinematic studios based in Tamil Nadu who’s mad about beauty, colors, bokeh and a lot more in between. A MCA from KSR College, Thiruchengode, he was too madly in love with photography to let it go for a daily office job. He founded VIP Cinematicstudios in 2013. For him, Weddings are moments of love happening one after the other where even the air has a certain auspiciousness and happiness about it, making him a passionate documentary wedding photographer. In his words, “Beauty, lies in the details! I love capturing these details, weave stories around them so that they create imprints of awesomeness of the festivities which are alive even after the celebrations are over. They’re a way to keep celebrating the occasion, every coming day, even though it happened many days/years back.” Because of his firm belief on the world’s gorgeousness, he has a diversified portfolio of work ranging from Vip Weddings, Abstract Art, Architecture, Fashion, Commercial and Wildlife Photography..


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